Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vast Wasteland: I don't think the Oregon Vampire Rights Act is going to pass.

ITEM: Let this mark the grand return of my Vast Wasteland TV Column. Last seen here.

I've been watching a lot of television lately, which is a good way to put off Ken Macleod books I should be finishing. Just short impressions:

True Blood: I don't think that the Oregon Vampire Rights Amendment is going to pass. I still think that our real world Just Say Now Marijuana legalization campaign has a shot, even though the Mormons and Barack Obama will probably be on the other side. I guess I should passively hope that a marijuana supporter won't fly into some Christian Broadcasting station and kill someone on camera by plunging a hand through the poor guy's chest and then snarl something about "eating your children". That wouldn't be helpful to the anti prohibition efforts I would think.

Rubicon: How does the lead character get his hair like that? I've seen characters with hair like that in anime but never real life. Its like some kind of arrow hat. Meanwhile, the side story of deciding to murder somebody with a UAV felt pretty realistic. Apparently, its always a go. I can believe that. No, really I can.

Burn Notice and Covert Affairs: I find these shows very entertaining. But, for the most part, we're the bad guys. We usually murder Democrats and replace them with Dictators. If you watch Burn Notice, then you'll understand why I think Simon would be the agent in good standing and Michael, who "helps" people, would be the one sent to some off the books black prison site. On the other hand, perhaps that's why Michael got burned: refused to assassinate Chavez. Related: Too poor for cable? I might be in that category myself soon. You can watch both of these shows online.

Related: Okay, you are too lazy to have read the Nation or the Progressive or Mother Jones for the last 28 years to know how evil our foreign policy is abroad. Can you watch a video? Try this one or this one or this one. I'll embed these over at Mirror Universe when I get a chance.

Oh, and one more thing: Jessica Centers is not credible.

And that Jessica Glynn Centers isn't credible either.

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